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The teen boys and girl fighting at Aikid

Kids Mixed Martial Arts Program


Our kids’ martial arts program is TOP-QUALITY and is the ideal solution for kids dealing with bullies. At Team Pure MMA we teach them everything they need to know. We educate them on how to deal with the most frequent forms of physical attacks and how to escape them. We teach kids how to counteract bullies’ attacks with proven Jiu jitsu techniques that do not require size or strength to successfully pull off! Bottom line is that this kind of training builds confidence and this is critical.

Adults Mixed Martial Arts


This class incorporates techniques from both judo and wrestling. We focus on takedowns and grappling using a few techniques but mastering them in different situations. This discipline is extremely important in MMA and should not be overlooked. We also train takedown defense as well as counters to help improve your overall skills.

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